Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week 77

Dear everyone I love!

Another monday is here and I'm sitting down emailing again, its unbelievable. This week was super busy and zoomed by in a blink. Mission leadership council was great and so was our Zone meeting. The focus for our mission this month is still the book of mormon, but we have an extra focus on less active work! We gave our zone the commitment this month to visit every member, active and less active, in their ward this transfer, and to share the power of the book of mormon with them. I'm excited, there's gonna be lots of cool miracles, I can feel it.

Kim Soo Yeon is progressing amazingly. She loves everything we teach her and accepts it all so well. Still preparing and excited for baptism on May 2nd. She's given up coffee completely and hasn't slipped once! I am so proud She would definitely be ready to be baptized before then.. She has already come to church 3 times if you include general conference and we meet with her 2 to 3 times a week.. But that's the day she wants to be baptized. because May is the 5th month and there are 5 people in her family, its special or something like that! Anyways she is doing so well. I feel so blessed that God put her in our path.

Kim Seo (so) Yeon (yes I promise our investigators aren't the same person mom haha). She came to all 4 sessions of conference and loved it! So that's great. She said she really came to understand a lot of things better. Before conference we had her write down any questions she had about our church or doctrine.. Her questions seemed to all be really specific and kind of weird.. Me and Sister Yoon were thinking "great she won't get answers to those" but the craziest thing happened.. for almost every one of her questions there was a talk that answered it! I'm serious! For example she asked that if among missionaries/leaders in our church if its some sort of "power game" or competition. President Ringwood's talk answered that one spot on! (which by the way was one of my favorites). It was such a cool experience and a manifestations to me that God knows her heart and He knew that this general conference specifically would answer her concerns. So cool. She continues to meet with us, read and pray and come to church. So yes she is progressing. To say she's excited for her trip to Utah would be an understatement.. literally.

So General conference was amazing right? I hate myself I forgot to bring my notes. but some of my favorite talks from the top of my head were Elder Ringwood, Elder Redlund(? the one about becoming true latter-day saints) and Elder Holland and President Uchtdorf. I feel like the 2 main topics hit were FAMILY, and the importance of personal conversion. Must be important or something. This general conference felt different to me than ones before. Everything just felt like it had more of an urgency to me than they ever have before. The general authorities seemed to be more direct and specific in their speaking than ever before. Especially with what happened on Saturday during the confirming and sustaining of the church leaders, when someone shouted out "Opposed". My heart shattered into a million pieces.. but in that moment I felt my own testimony grow inside of my heart that I know these men and women are called of God, and I will sustain and defend them forever! It just makes me sad to think those people went there just to do that. I feel bad for them. No hand (or voice) can stop the Lord's work. The call to be a valiant member of the church is stronger than ever before! We cannot be passive! We cannot be apathetic! We must defend and share our beliefs. We must live according to what we believe.

HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYONE!!! Love you all. Peace out till next week!

Sister Holmes
홈스 자매

벚꽃  :)

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