Friday, October 25, 2013

Week 2


Where do I even start!! There is so much that I have to tell you all.. This has been the most overwhelming, emotional, AMAZING week of my whole life. I can honestly say that I'm loving it. I am so happy! I didn't know if I'd ever get to this point.. The first few days were ROUGH. It was so overwhelming, so emotionally draining.. I didn't know if I'd get over those feelings.. But you know what they say, if you can make it to Sunday, you can make it your whole mission.. And I truly believe that. Sundays at the mtc are seriously the best. So spiritually uplifting. I've never felt so close to God in my whole entire life. Sunday nights after devotional there are 'Sunday night films'. They play different devotionals all over campus. I went to "Character of Christ" by David A. Bednar. It was a devotional he gave at the mtc like 2 christmases ago. It was... Eye opening. Most amazing talk ever. Please please watch it, it is really life changing. It truly made me realize my purpose as a missionary. I am not here for myself. I am here for God. I am here for the people of Seoul. And as soon as I realized that, my anxiety was gone. My overwhelmed, homesick, scared feelings were gone. I am really here for such a short time, I need to fully devote myself to this work. I am so excited for the opportunity. Every day is still and emotional roller coaster.. but it is SO worth it.
I was able to sing in the mtc choir for Tuesday's devotional! (I even made it on the camera a few times.. if you want to watch it ;) Lynn G. Robbins of the seventy spoke). Singing in the mtc choir is amazing! We sang 'Consider the Lilies'.. While I was singing I felt God's love for me overpower my body (and I was thinking of you mom, I know how much you love this song). It was amazing! I just love it here. God is teaching me so much about myself and others every day here.

Holy smokes. Korean... It is crazy. I can't believe I'm learning this language... As hard as it is, I have faith that I will be able to speak it! Eventually! KEEP PRAYING FOR THE GIFT OF TONGUES TO HIT ME. We taught our first lesson last friday. In Korean.. 2 days after I'd been in the mtc. It was crazy. All I could say was "God loves you".. "Book of mormon" "Pray" haha the first lesson was horrible, but what can you expect.. We've taught 3 more lessons to that same investigator, Jang Ming Chei. On Wednesday night, we taught our last lesson to her. I was having a really hard day, and struggling with what I wanted to say to her. After our lesson was over, she pulled me aside and said (in english) "Are you okay?" I explained to her that I had had a hard day and was getting pretty down on myself about learning Korean.. She told me not to worry about it because even though I couldn't speak very much Korean, the spirit was there because of my sincerity! It made me so happy to hear that. So even if I'm never able to fully grasp this language.. I will be able to share what I need to because of the spirit! The spirit speaks louder than words. :) Jang Ming Chei's real name is Sister Baek, and she is one of our new teachers! She is the sweetest person I've ever met. She's Korean. I love her so much!

I love my branch so much! There are so many missionaries going to Korea!! We are the largest branch in the mtc right now! My district is so awesome. We all get along so well, probably too well, we never get anything done haha! The people here are seriously great. All the girls in my room, Sister Telford, Sister Mortensen, and Sister Brocious are all going to the Seoul South mission.. I'm the odd one out! But the girls next door are all going to Seoul! And I LOVE THEM. I wish I could go into more detail about all of them but I don't have time. Oh Sister Telford, where to start.. We are so different haha.. sometimes its hard because I feel like she can't relate to me at all.. But I really love her. I know I was supposed to be her companion for a reason. I pray every day to see the good in her!

So things are really great. Sorry I can't write more!! I wish I could just email you every single experience I have had, but sadly I'm out of time.. we're going to the temple in about 20 minutes! I love this gospel so so much! I can't believe how much I've learned this past 9 days.. I wish you all could be with me every second just to know what I'm feeling and see what I'm doing.. Just know that I am SO happy here. Even though it is so hard it is so great. I've felt so much love and support from home.. It makes me know that I CAN DO THIS!

I love you all SO much. I'm praying for you always.

Holmes Chamae

(Hannah's District)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Week 1

I have officially survived 2 whole days in the mtc. 2 days... I seriously feel like I've been here for 2 months already! Its killer! Hardest thing that I've ever done. But I'm going to keep moving forward and put my faith in God and hopefully I survive! If I can make it to sunday I can make it my whole mission.. that's what everyone keeps telling me haha. 2 MORE DAYS TO GO! PRAY FOR ME!!
Well, my companion's name is Sister Telford! She is a super sweet gal. She's from California.. and Utah. She says she's moved back and forth so many times so she just says both haha. We are really different. But I already love her! I am continually praying to know how to best be sucessful with her. There are 2 other girls in our room, Sister Mortensen and Sister Brocious. They're both awesome.. And they're already pro at Korean so that's cool.. Man guys Korean, it's kickin' my butt. But guess what?? I already know how to pray! So I guess I'm already making progress! I just wish I could understand the alphabet better, then I could read and understand things my teacher writes on the board.. I'm trying my best though! I feel like I've learned a lot already! Hopefully that gift of tongues arrives here soon..
I have been feeling a lot of discouragement. One minute I'm happy and the next I'm so homesick and sad.. But I know God needs me here. I need to be here! Every time I feel discouraged I think of the way I felt when I heard the announcement. The moment when I opened my call. The moment when I got set apart as a missionary of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know I'm supposed to be here! Last week Dennis sent me a scripture in his email that has really helped me out these past couple days.. Phillipians 4:6. It says something like "Be careful of nothing". The hebrew translation means "Don't be unruly concerned about anything". So I should not be too hard on myself! I need to just trust in God and know that if I give it my all, everything will work out.
So I don't have too much else to say because it has only been 2 days! I didn't know I'd get a p-day this week so I was pleasantly surprised! So my p-day is friday!! I haven't taken many pics so I'll send some next week!!
I love you all and miss you so so much. Until next week! Sa lang ham ni da! (I love you)
Sister Holmes
Holmes Chamae :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Goodbye, Hannah...

Today we dropped Hannah off at the MTC. And it was rough, guys. Really rough. Saying goodbye to our amazing sister was probably one of the hardest things that any of us have ever done.
But amidst all of the bitterness, there was definitely a certain sweetness to the experience. Hannah knows that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true, with all of her heart. And although she is terrified, she wants nothing more than to share that knowledge with the people of Seoul. All of us are so proud of her! It is her hope (and ours as well) that as people read her letters home each week, they will find the strength to share what they believe with the people they love, even if they aren't serving a full-time mission.
Keep Hannah in your prayers!

{please excuse our tearstained faces and Haley's complete inability to smile. again--rough day.}