Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week 76

안녕하세요 :) Hi.

I hope you all had a wonderful easter and conference weekend!! Easter was a special day. Its not really a big deal at all hear in Korea but there were some lovely testimonies shared about the Savior during fast and testimony meeting that filled my heart with the easter spirit. Also a ward member that served in Utah when she was young brough hard boiled eggs for everyone (not decorated but hey I'll take it). It was a wonderful day. I can't wait for conference this weekend! Every week is flying by faster and faster I can hardly believe it.. Its still unreal. I have so little time left but there is still so much work to be done! It doesn't feel like my last transfer at all. Thinking about leaving brings me to tears every time so the less I think about it the better. Anyways, all is well! So well. 

I told you about our Kim Soo Yeon last week right? Well she is continuously an amazing miracle and she's progressing so well.. I have been so blessed to meet so many prepared people here in Sanggye. Everything we taught her this week she accepted right away and has such a desire to change. We taught her the restoration and plan of salvation last week, and also the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. She has a pretty bad addiction to coffee. Usually drinks about 10 cups a day... and after we taught her, she quit cold turkey!! Taught her about it on Thursday and when she came to church on Sunday she hadn't drank one cup! She showed up to church a little late because she had such a horrible headache from not drinking coffee... but I just can't believe she even came! She was so sick! She is so devoted to this gospel already. She knows the change will be hard but she's not afraid of it. She wants to have an eternal family. She even found the mormon channel on her own and started watching the I am a Mormon videos.. and loves them so much. Something else I was really impressed by was when we taught the law of chastity and she said she wanted to start dressing more modestly, before we even addressed it. Normally she wears low shirts and high skirts, and she wants to change. And the best part is she is SO happy and so excited about all of it. As we teach her we ask her if there is anything she doesn't understand or is wondering about, and her answer is always "No... because I believe it all!" I have never met anyone quite like her.

Our other main 'progressing' investigator right now is Kim Seo Yeon. We're in the same boat we've been in with her for the past few months. She comes to church every week, prays and reads the book of mormon every day, and knows its all true. She's coming to Utah in July!! and they've already planned everything out, to visit missionaries, temple square.. she is so excited. She knows its all true. But she's not ready to take that step towards baptism. It has been a frustrating time with her, but at the same time I feel at peace right now. We know she will be baptized someday. Her biggest fear is getting baptized and becoming less active. She says she will not let that happen. So if that's her biggest fear I'd say things are okay. As long as she truly is doing her part in exercising her faith, everything is okay. Maybe this is the Lord's plan and for some reason she needs to wait a little bit longer. I'm not sure but I'll continue to trust in Him and pray for her continual progression.

This morning in my personal study I started the book of Ether again. While I was reading about the brother of Jared I realized why he is so cool! Because he built trust in the relationship! He was a faithful servant who kept the commandments and went to the Lord in prayer every day.. so when the time came that he asked for help to guide his family his friends and his people, the Lord willingly gave help... "and thus I will do unto thee because of this long time ye have cried unto me". Just like my investigators and the people I meet on the street here in Korea, the Lord respond when He knows he can trust us.

This week should be a great one! Its already time for another missionary leadership council and zone training this week! And general conference!! Yes spiritual feast week! Should be a great one.

Love you all, have a great spring break fam.

Sister Holmes
홈스 자매

District photo before the Elders transfer. Sushi with Nam Sung Won :) Yes. I paid too much for a few tiny pieces of raw fish. Okay

Got milk?

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