Sunday, August 31, 2014

Week 46

Dear everybody!

And another transfer starts! I honestly feel like I just wrote that sentence in an email last week. Oh time. Its so crazy. Well here's the big news.. I'm staying in Taebaek with Sister Lykins! Our 3rd transfer together! I guess we're just too awesome to separate. Or president was just lazy and forgot to do anything. One or the other haha. I'm happy. I love it here and have had a good experience with her. We've learned a lot from eachother! I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve with her again. Well this means for sure change will happen next transfer! Which will be before I know it.. next month I hit my year mark.. I just can't fathom that at all.. 

Wow this week was long and crazy! I can hardly remember everything that happened. We had a branch conference (not stake, because out in Kangwando there are no wards, just branches) in Gangneung, a 2 hour trip from us. We went to the saturday and sunday sessions so we stayed the night with the DongHae sisters. It was such a blast. I love conferences.. They give me so much strength and happiness. Always a reminder to me of why I'm here. I love it. And this weekend we'll be going to Seoul for the Chuseok conference! WOOHOOO!! Also summer is officially gone. Taebaek is cold. I slept in my sweats and fuzzy socks last night! Its not too cold during the day but its freezing at night. 

Investigators! We're still a bit stuck with Jong Sung Kyong. We had some awesome lessons with her this week. She loves the book of mormon. She loves meeting with us. She loves everything that we are teaching her.. She has even told us that she believes all of it is true. But she can't see why she needs to come to our church. We are doing our best to explain clearly the importance of proper authority, but she doesn't have the desire to change yet. She knows that she needs to. This week our lessons with her were really great and she seemed so great. She seemed like she was really going to take action with things. She commited to come to 지방부 대회, we had a ride set up for her with our members, she even called us Saturday night to tell us that she was coming and she was happy and excited! But we got a text from her early Sunday morning saying that she didn't think there was any way that she could miss her church. She is so attached to the people there. So just like preach my gospel says, her issues are more social than spiritual. She is too afraid to make that change. All we can do is to continue to invite her and testify that she can know if she will just come. She can know for herself by just coming once. Hopefully we can get her at church this sunday! Oh yeah, if the holiday doesn't get in the way. Well we're meeting with her today. We're going to be teaching her about the word of wisdom. I think it will be really good for her and will give her a chance to see change and exercise her faith, even though she's not quite ready to come to our church yet. We're praying this will help her see that change for good!

Leann! Oh dear Leann. Last week we met with her to help her move, she is moving to the apartment below the one where she is right now, so we helped clean and paint her new apartment. It was fun and she really appreciated our help. We love her so much. We had a great lesson with her, still focusing on that faith unto action. We are trying to help her take action. Right now the thing that really is holding her back is her husband. She can't even make the decision to act or change until she feels like she has his permission. She told us her husband saw her reading the book of mormon, and he got upset and asked her if she was going to become a christian? He really doesn't want that. So right now we're trying to find out a way to get her husband involved. We really want to be able to meet him so that he can see we're not trying to tear her from the family.. but that we're trying to strengthen the whole family! We invited her to our FHE tonight, and she is planning on coming. But not with her husband, just her sons. It will still be good for her to see the church and meet our members, even if its without him. I pray it will be just what she needs to spark the desire to act! :)

Miracle of the week. This week Brother Park, a man in our ward who is a taxi driver met Sister Mei, a Philipino woman in his taxi. Being the awesome member missionary that he is, the topic of religion came up and he came to found out that she was a member! He gave us her phone number and we talked on the phone with her for a while. Such a sweet nice person and she wanted to come to church. She couldn't come to the conference with us so we made an appointment to meet for church next week! Well yesterday we get a call from Brother Park telling us to call Sister Mei right away. We call her and she is crying out of control, telling us that her husband had kicked her out and she had no where to go. We told her to meet us at the church and we would figure something out for her with our branch president and ward members. Well she didn't show up at the church when she said she would so we called her again and she told us that she was staying with her sister in law. We asked her if she would like to come to the church to receive a blessing and she said yes. She showed up shortly after with her 2 year old son in arms, her face red and cheeks stained with tears. I have never seen someone so heart broken, my heart was so broken. She then told us all about her situation. Her husband goes out every night with his friends and gets drunk. He doesn't take care of his wife and son. She wants to go to church, she needs to help her family back in the Philippines and he doesn't care or support it at all. He tries to hurt her but she always keeps her son close so he doesn't. It is not a good situation at all. Well she got a blessing from the branch president and the elders. It was such a spiritual experience. I'm not sure what will happen with her, really all we can do is continue to check up on her and give her our love. She hopes to be able to go back to the phillipines, only if she can keep her son with her. She is worried that her husband will try and make him stay here. It was amazing to see how she changed in character after she received the blessing. She knew that her Heavenly Father was aware of her and loved her, and would help her. I couldn't help but feel it to. This experience was a manifestation to me that God is mindful if His children, wherever they are in the world. How grateful I am to my loving Heavenly Father to know this.

Sorry if this email was just crazy and didn't make sense, I wrote it so fast haha. Gotta go! I love you all! Have a wonderful week!


Sister Holmes
홈스 자매

AWKWARD CAVE PIC 2! Yup we went to another cave for p-day last week. It was a blast. Elder Jarrett was our tour guide...I've never laughed so hard!

Planners I made for Elder Jarrett and Elder Garff. Yes I'm the cool sister here. #sorrysisterlykins

Sister Jacobson and I are soul mates, seriously.

Pictures from branch conference! Sister Jacobson and Sister Ness

Sister Young is going home :( She was such an amazing sister training leader I will miss her so much!

Sister Haynie and Sister An! All the sisters in Kangwando. I love them so much. I am so blessed to serve out here.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Week 45

저의 사랑하는 사람들 안녕하세요^^ Hi my beloved people.

Its already the last week of my second transfer in Taebaek I can't believe it. I have loved it out here so much I just can't even describe it. Well in all honesty, this week was really kind of a hard one. Everyone cancelled on us.. But we worked hard and and as always the good happy things always out weigh the bad!

Well I told you about 정승경 last week, our miracle investigator who basically came to us wanting to be baptized. We met with her a few times this week. We taught her the restoration.. and she didn't accept it like we thought she would. And that's when we realized she didn't really understand that in order to be baptized she needed to become a member of our church. We told her that the first time we met her, but I don't think she really understood or remembered. She goes to 홯지교회, and she really loves it. She doesn't want to start coming to our church. She is perfectly content with her church. So after that meeting, I was feeling pretty discouraged. I had gone completely into getting her to baptism mode, since that was what she wanted from the beginning. The thought of her not accepting our message kind of escaped my mind. I realized I had kind of forgotten that my purpose as a missionary is to help her come unto Christ, to strengthen her faith in Him and the reality of His atonement. Not to just get her baptized. Well we met with her again, and at the beginning of the lesson she expressed her concerns to us. She says she is so confused. She told us that other people say bad things about our church, like that we are a cult (surprise), but she says she doesn't think we are that way, but she doesn't know what to believe. And because we had explained to her that if the book of mormon is true, Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God, and that he did see God and Jesus Christ.. she had been feeling confused. She says that when she reads the book of mormon, it makes her so happy, and when she meets with us, or when we call her (which we do every night) she feels so happy. She said she believes the book of mormon is true.. but she also believes that her church is the best church for her. She doesn't have the desire to change churches. But she loves the book of mormon and she loves the way she feels when she meets with us. We testified that we knew that our message was true, and we talked about the happiness it has brought us in our lives.. but we told her that the only one who could truly tell her if what we were saying is true is Heavenly Father. We talked about prayer, and how she can ask specific questions, and get specific answers. We asked her to pray about our church, about the message of the restoration, about the book of mormon. She says that she will. We invited her to church again, and she said there was no way that she could come, that she has to go to her church. We told her that the best way to know if our church was true, or if the things others say about it is true is to come see for herself. She said that she will soon. But not yet. So that's where we're at with her.. There are definitely good things happening.. but she needs that desire and decision to change first. What do you think we can do to help her recognize truth and act upon it?

The only other investigator we were able to meet with this week was Leann. Our 6 weeks of english ended with her. We were really scared that she wouldn't want to meet with us any more. But we expressed how much we wanted to keep meeting with her and she said she felt the same way. She just has so many concerns about believing in God. She told us that if she makes the decision in her mind that she wants to believe, she will believe. But she says she doesn't want to yet because she's scared. She still hasn't really explained to her husband who we are or that we are teaching her more than english.. because he really hates christians and doesn't want her becoming one. She says that everything we teach her is good and she likes it, but it hasn't sunk into her heart yet. She says its still just information. Most of her close friends are christian, and she says she wishes that she could have been raised christian, because if she had it would be easy for her to accept our message. Well, the fact that she said that is evidence to me that she has felt something. She has, or she wouldn't have agreed to continue to meet with us. We had a really good lesson with her about faith. That it comes over time slowly, as she acts upon the things we ask her to do. I pray that we see a miracle with her. Looking back to when we first met her, it is a miracle already to see how far she's come. She would never even consider some of the things she is considering, and wanting to believe now.

This week as you know Brother An from Sinchon came to our little branch. It was such a happy day. Probably one of the highlights of my week! Also it was a huge confidence booster for me, because when he gave his talk in sacrament, I actually understood what he was saying! Whereas before, when I heard him speak many a time in Sinchon, I had a hard time understanding him. So that's always a good feeling.

One cool miracle we saw this week was while we were out jundoing, or as Sister Young likes to say, ministering. We were walking past a GS25 and there was a man sitting out on the table with a few other people, and he approached us. At first I was taken a little off guard, but he says "I need to talk to you two! Hey, I drink a lot. But about 20 years ago I met with members of your church (other missionaries). It is because of them that I can speak english." He went on to tell how fond of memories he and his wife have with the missionaries. They loved the things they taught them, and he says he wants to have us over for dinner to meet his wife and daughter. He wants us to teach his daughter about God. It was such a cool miracle! I hope we can really meet with them soon and see good things happen here. 

Transfer calls is this week.. and also next week whether I transfer or not, we'll be going to Seoul for Choo Suek, a huge korean holiday, similar to Thanksgiving for us. So we have a conference next week! I'm so excited!! All the mission conferences I've experienced on my mission so far have bee such uplifting, edifying and happy experiences. Well yeah I don't know what will happen with transfers.. But I'm pretty sure I'll stay here in Taebaek! Which is exactly what I want. I don't know what will be going on with my companion situation.. Its super likely that Sister Lykins will leave.. she's been here for 5 transfers. We'll see what happens! Stay tuned everybody!

This week I had an awesome experience during district meeting. Because our mission focus this transfer has been revelation through church attendance, we really talked about sacrament, and why it is so important for us, and for our investigators to understand. We did a cool activity where we went outside of the church and walked in as if it were the first time we came to the church. As I walked into the church with new eyes, I was overcome with the warmest happiest feeling that I've ever felt in my life. As I walked through the primary room, I remembered myself as a young child in primary, learning the things so clearly and plainly, exactly the way we teach to our investigators. As I walked through the young women's room I remembered my experiences there. My mistakes, my strong points, everything that built me to be the person I am today. As I walked into the sacrament room (not really a chapel here in Taebaek) I felt an overwhelming love and appreciation for the Savior and His atonement. I felt a new gratitude for the sacrament, the chance to become clean every week. This experience is kind of hard for me to fully describe... but it was a reminder to me why I'm here. Because I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And I know that it is true with all of my heart. I have felt it in a way that I can never deny!

Love you all!

Sister Holmes
홈스 저매

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week 44

Dear loved ones..

Wow it was a crazy week! So much happened I don't even know where to start. I hit 10 months out this week.. I can't even believe it.. I'm in the double digits. I'm officially kind of an old missionary. Well shoot. I'm actually expected to know things now!

This week was a week of miracles. I learned so much, grew so much and felt the spirit in a way that I never have before. Jong Sung Kyong (the lady that said God wanted her to meet us), our new investigator who we picked up last week, is getting baptized next month on Sept. 20th. That's the plan right now anyways. Well when we met with her on Wednesday, she came into the church completely hung over. The smell of alcohol was so strong, it was hard for me to concentrate at first. We started doing english with her, and we could tell it was very hard for her  to concentrate. As soon as we finish english, she bursts into tears talking about how much she wants to change her life. She doesn't want to be this kind of person, she doesn't want to drink and smoke. She has depression and a lot of very hard things in her life. Well from there I can honestly say that the spirit took over the lesson. We testified about the atoning power of Jesus Christ and how through Him she can start over and become completely clean. We watched the video "Come unto Christ" with her. It was powerful. It was one of the most spiritual moments on my mission so far. Coming unto Christ has never felt so real to me. To be able to see someone who truly needs and wants that change in their life, and to see them shed tears of sorrow and joy to know that they can change through Jesus Christ.. is something that is indescribable. In that moment I felt the Savior's love for her so strongly, and I felt His love for me. That is one of the most wonderful things about being a missionary.. Through helping others come unto Christ, you get to come unto Him and strengthen your relationship with Him as well. It is so amazing. Well we talked about baptism with her, met with her again on Friday and set the date! She is so excited. We made an action plan with her, helping her list out when and where she faces her temptations the most, and made a list of things that she can do to overcome them. She is so so happy. She keeps saying it over and over. And you know how happy we are. I feel so blessed to be able to have witnessed this miracle. I hope and pray every day that she is able to continue to overcome and accept our message as we teach her. 

Our other investigators made some good progress this week as well. We had an awesome member present lesson with Kim Koe Young and our member Kim Ji Hey. She shared her experience about her stroke and how through it she has come to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I was so grateful for the way she bore her testimony so willingly. Wow we have such awesome wonderful member missionaries here.. I love our members so much.
Also.. Leann. She is doing well. She reads the book of mormon and prays. But fear is still definitely holding her back from action. This week we had an awesome lesson with her about the feelings of the spirit. I was on exchanges with Sister Young at the time, and she helped explain it in a way that she really got it! I was so grateful to her! At the end of the lesson I told her how happy I feel when I'm with her, and she said "That's the 성신!" She got it. We've commited her to daily reading and prayer. She's been having a really hard time understanding the book of mormon, so we asked her to pray specifically before and after she reads, to understand, and to focus on those good feelings we talked about, which come from the spirit. She said that she would. She had desire to know what we're saying is true.. But I am not sure how strong the desire is yet. This week our 6 week Family English program with her ends this week. We are hoping and praying she will have the desire continue to meet with us and learn about our message.. I think there is a very big possibility that she will continue to meet with us. I HOPE!!

Well we went on exchanges with the DongHae sisters twice this week! In fact we're still in DongHae right now! Sister Young (our sister training leader) came to Taebaek with me on thursday, and then I went to DongHae on Saturday night. The Elders in our district have two mexican investigators. Yep. In Korea. In Taebaek. Most random thing ever right haha? I don't understand. But anyways, Sister Ness (who is in DongHae) speaks fluent spanish, so she went to Taebaek to translate for them on Sunday for church! So I didn't go to church in my area this week.. it was so weird! But it was fun! Sister Ness and Sister Lykins came to DongHae today so we could all spend P-day together. We were gonna do something fun like have a picnic and play sports.. but its raining hard.. so it looks like we'll be playing games at the church. Just like every week. Haha we need more fun p-day ideas. But there's not much to do out here.

Well basically I am so so happy and I love live. I love it more every day. I love Taebaek so much. I am so grateful to be able to witness the miracles I am witnessing right now. I can't express my feelings! 

Love you all! Have an amazing week! Shout out to my siblings who start school. Have fun suckers! ;)

Sister Holmes
홈스 자매

"I like serving da Lord" - Encarnacion. and me.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week 43

Dear fam and friends...

There's another week! It went by so fast! And guess what it's Typhoon season! So it's been raining like crazy. So that's been fun! And cold and wet! But I'd rather be cold and wet than hot and sweaty. Huge blessing!

This week was seriously awesome. It started out good with an awesome Zone Training on Wednesday. Last week (so before zone training) something Sister Lykins and I decided we needed to focus more on was inviting people to church. People won't come if we're not even inviting! We can't just assume they would say no if we don't even ask! So we had made the decision do that with all of our investigators during the week. Then comes zone training, and what is the focus this month? Revelation through church attendance! So awesome. Our zone leaders, Elder Mumford and Elder Perry gave a great training. They gave me an added enthusiasm to invite people to church. They gave us the commitment of in our companionship to invite 5 people to church each week, either in lessons, or on the street, wherever it may be. At first I thought wow that sounds impossible.. 5 is a ton! Well within the next 2 days of the meeting, we had already invited 3 of our investigators, and a woman we met on the street. No one has accepted yet, but it has been such a miracle to be able to see myself applying the focus and striving to truly find people to come to church. It has been a miracle for me because I often struggle trying to apply focuses and improve.

Like I said, we invited everyone to church this week in our lessons. Leann is doing well. She is progressing in the sense that she is reading the book of mormon and keeps her commitments, but right know fear is really holding her back. After we invited her to church, she really expressed her concerns to us. Her husband is really against anything 'happening' with her and religion. He is okay with her meeting with us, as long as it doesn't go anywhere. She knows that if she honestly tries, with sincere desire when she reads and prays, she will get an answer. And that really scares her. She is holding back. She doesn't want to act. When she told us this, I wasn't quite sure what to say, because it really is a tough situation. I just promised her that if she acts, if she continues to try and understand the scriptures, pray about it, and come to church, she will find her answer, and everything will work our with her husband. She's not too convinced yet. She is worried about hurting us too. But she said she will continue to try. She's just not quite ready for church yet.. But we will keep inviting and keep trying!!  We also saw a little bit of progress this week with Kim Kooee Young.  She's been having a hard time understanding Jesus's role, and his atonement, so we have been really focusing on Him and His role with her. On tuesday we met with her and had a lesson centered on his life and atonement. We read some verses with her from the book of mormon about his atonement, and she really liked them. We asked her what she felt about them, and she said that she thinks Jesus is a very wonderful person. I asked her.."Do you believe that He really did this?" She said "...yeah!" But she doesn't quite understand why or how yet. She needs to feel Christ's personal love for her. We met with her again on Thursday and watched "The Lamb of God" together. We thought learning more about his life and seeing the images of his suffering would help and impact her. Well she really liked the movie! She still thinks Jesus is awesome! But it didn't change too much. We invited her to church and told her that by coming she could understand everything more. She said no.. She couldn't this week but said "maybe next week!" So.. even though she hasn't accepted the invitation for church yet, she is reading the book of mormon. She thinks its a good book.. but doesn't have a desire to know its true for herself. She says she's studying 'buddah book' right now so she doesn't have time for the book of mormon. We've been texting her every night to read for 5 minutes, and she has been. So progress is progress!

Also we got a couple new investigators this week! One is an english interest referal from one of our members. We only met with her for about 20 minutes and she can't start meeting regularly for a couple weeks because she'll be in Seoul so I don't know much about her yet.. The other is a woman we met on the street a couple weeks ago names Jong Sung Kyong. She is such a nice lady. She also has english interest.. but I think she's actually more gospel! Before meeting with us the first time she had already read a few chapters in the book of mormon.. and after our meeting she texted us saying that she thinks God wanted her to meet us. So I think that's pretty neat. :) I hope some good things happen with her!!!

Yesterday during personal study as I was reading about Ammon and Aaron, loving it and learning so much from it, I came to a realization. It is so easy for me to read the book of mormon and know that it is true because literally everything applies to me as a missionary. Every chapter I read applies to my feelings and experiences as a missionary, and I can learn how to teach  and testify better from the examples I read about. It is so true for me! But how can I help a busy wife/mom with a husband and kids to take care of, who is already happy with their life find that the book of mormon is true for them? How can I help them find that same love and strength I feel when I read it? I love our investigators, so so much. I want them to feel the same excitement I feel when I read this book. This is something I'll be thinking and praying about a lot more.. Speaking of that.. Yesterday we had a LONG day of knocking doors. Rejected all day. At the end of the day I was feeling thoroughly pooped and a bit discouraged.. wondering if what we do even matters. But then I remembered Aaron and his brothers. They went to every corner of the city, preaching the gospel, even when they were cast out, spit upon, rejected, hated and unwanted. It didn't stop them, so it shouldn't stop me. And actually I love it. I've had some of the best moments on my mission knocking doors. Scary, funny, super awesome experiences that I wouldn't change for anything.

I love this work. Until next week! xoxo

Sister Holmes
홈스 자매

Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 42

Dear friends and fam!

Oh my goodness this week was so long I don't even remember what happened haha! I seem to have a lot of those weeks on the mission.. Oh man but it was such an awesome week! There were some pretty awesome miracles. We worked hard and saw and saw some fruit. From our labors. (also we did buy lots of good fruit this week but HOLY COW it was so expensive.. 5 peaches for 10 dollars? Never again)

One super awesome miracle.. Last Thursday after our weekly dinner with Kim Ji Hae (our member) we went to finish an apartment we'd started knocking by her house. We knocked on the door of a woman named Kwan Ki Nam. She was so nice, let us in right away and told us that normally she wouldn't have opened the door for 'religious people', but because she had passed us on the street, and we had said hello to her two times, she wanted to meet and talk with us because we were so friendly. She told us that she was buddhist and so she didn't have interest, but as we went on to share our message, she seemed to become very interested. We introduced the book of mormon to her and bore testimony of the comfort and strength it has given us in our lives, and she was so shocked. She said "really? I read the buddah book all the time, and I never receive anything like that." We explained to her our purpose as missionaries, and that we are teaching people about this book and how their lives can change and benefit from the book of mormon! We shared Moroni 10:3-5, and she said "great! I want to know!" It was such a miracle. Also, she has just had some kind of surgery on her neck so she's been taking it easy, we asked if there was anything we could do to help her, and she said something like "well actually I have forgotten how to pray." She wants us to teach her how to pray. Well okay we can do that for you. Also we had a ping pong tournament this last saturday, which was a HUGE success, so many people came, including Ki Nam and her two sons. Meeting her was evidence to me that greeting and talking to EVERYONE actually makes a difference. If we hadn't have said hello to her, she wouldn't have opened the door for us!

Also we got an awesome referal from one of our members yesterday! Her name is Kwan Kyong Hwa. She is a hair stylist who works for the company Nuskin, so she took a trip to Utah last year and loved it. We visited her at her salon, and she was busy doing hair, so we weren't able to have a full on sit down lesson with us, but she just talked to us while she was doing hair. So she is super english interested , but it turns out that when she was in Utah for a few short days on her business trip, she visited the Salt Lake Temple and basically described it to us as the most amazing experience in her life! She showed us pictures. She had taken pictures with Sister missionaries, saw the Christ statue, and even snuck some photos of people getting their wedding pictures taken. She was in awe. She described the moment when she saw the statue of Christ to us and heard his voice (the recording they play, you know). She said that even though she couldn't understand the words because it was in english, tears just rolled down her cheeks. Our member, 엄준옥 (who came with us) then piped in and said "you felt the spirit!!" How amazing is that? I was just smiling from ear to ear as she was telling us this. It made me so happy. Although our time with her was short, we gave her a book of mormon (she had received one on her trip but lost it, so we gave her another). She accepted it graciously. We're scheduled to meet with her regularly every Sunday. I hope that we can help her feel that same feeling she felt at the Salt Lake temple. I think she has so much desire and potential! Such a cool experience :)

Our sweet investigator Leann threw a party for us this week. She is one of the sweetest people I've ever met... I just love her so much. She had all of her students over (the most adorable children EVER) and we played games and ate food.. She even planned out time for us to teach a lesson. So we taught all the kids about the story of Alma the younger, and about making good choices. They absolutely loved it! They were so involved. It was so much fun. Although the main purpose of the party was for her students to meet foreigners haha.. she was still aware of our purpose as missionaries and respected it. We'll be meeting with her a lot this week. Man I just love her. And I want her to know even more that God loves her. 

This week our district did a service project at this restaurant that feeds old people for free every month. I felt pretty useless because all they wanted us to do was stand at the door and greet people.. but hey if it was helped I was happy to do it! I watched these old people flock in by the hundreds.. literally.. all these grandmas with their flowery sun umbrellas and sparkly shirts.. I can't describe korean old people. They are basically the highlight of my life haha. It was so much fun. Also I would just like to describe to you a korean dessert I ate this week. A really common summer treat here is called pop-bean-su. It is shaved ice with sweet red bean.. I am not particularly a fan of it but koreans LOVE it. Some of them don't have beans, just fruit and other things.  Well anyways, our member made us her home made pop-bean-su this week.. and this is literally what it consisted of. Shaved ice with corn flakes, canned peaches, crushed oreos, rice cake bites, cherry tomatoes (yes you heard right) topped with sweetened condensed milk. As she was making it for us all I could think of was the movie Elf, where he mixes all that stuff with the spaghetti hahaha. And you know what? It wasn't half bad..

I came to a realization this week as I was plucking my eyebrows... Repentance is exactly like plucking your eyebrows. You need to do it every single day, or it adds up fast and before you know it you've got a hairy caterpillar on your face. (believe me, I know) If you do it every day, all you have to do is a few single hairs. If you repent every day, you keep yourself accountable to the Lord. You are able to see the little things you need to work on and improve to become a better missionary, a better person. It is so important to 'pluck' everyday. It is a constant process of perfection. I know. I'm deep. hahaha

I hope you all have a wonderful happy and fantastic week. Until next week!

Sister Holmes
홈스 자매