Friday, November 29, 2013

Week 7

Annyeonghasayo cajok!!!

Well another week has passed.. and it was SUCH a great one. I had the best thanksgiving EVER! I thought I'd be feeling super homesick and sad all day, but it was just the opposite. Brother and Sister Nally do such a wonderful job of making thanksgiving special for the missionaries, I am so grateful to them! Being at the mtc for thanksgiving made me truly realize how blessed I am to be here at this time.
I'll just go ahead and tell you about my whole day... Because it was that great
It started out great, with a morning devotional from Elder Russel M. Nelson, no big deal (pretty much the whole month of december we have general authorities speaking for almost every devotional.. so you could say I'm pretty dang lucky to be here right now dang it). He talked about the importance of giving your all as a missionary. He said "Take a lesson from the automobile.. learn how to recharge your batteries on the go!" I loved that, because its true! As a missionary you need to learn how to go go go all the time! This is something that has been a hard adjustment for me.. Sometimes, I just want to sit in my room.. and wear stretchy pants.. just for fun.. Anyways, it was so amazing. Oh also, our district got chosen to be the ushers! So I was that person motioning people down in to seats and stuff. How neat is that? Then we got front row seats so yeah. It was a pretty awesome experience.
Well my thanksgiving 'feast' was a bit of a let down.. Somehow mtc cafeteria food doesn't live up to dad's mashed potatoes (man I miss those babies). But you know what, I feasted on the spirit all day! So I felt well fed :) haha even if the food was less than satisfactory.. Sooo after lunch we had a service project! We packaged food pouches for a humanitarian program called 'feed the children' (or something to that extent.. I don't really remember). It was so much fun :) What a better way to spend thanksgiving than serving others right? Man I loved it. ALSO I'M FAMOUS... There's pictures of me on deseret news from the service project!! :) 
After the service project we had our dinner, which was a sack lunch (we packed them after our lunch so that all the cafeteria people didn't have to work anymore! how great huh?) This was one of my favorite parts of the day. We ate a candle lit dinner (the candles you sent me for halloween mom :) you're the best) on the floor of our room in a circle, with our cute little turkey name tags (thanks John and Claire, everyone LOVED them!!). We talked about what we are all thankful for, and thanksgiving traditions our families have. I just LOVE the people here, we are honestly all like sisters. Its wonderful.
Then came the thanksgiving program, which I was somehow volunteered into participating in.. I was handed a slip of paper that said "puritan woman' when I walked in.. then I was called up to participate in a thanksgiving skit.. it was quite humiliating haha. Everytime the word 'puritan woman' was said me (and 2 other girls, one being my comp. Sis. Telford) had to go up to the mic and say "mercy me!" in a high pitched voice. I wanted to die. But it makes for a good memory :) The Nallys are so cute. We also sang "over the river and through the woods" as a group. Also my friend Sister Schillemat sang a rendition of songs from Joseph's amazing techincolor dream coat. She's an amazing singer. Anyways, it was so great. Afterwards we got to watch a movie. Yes you heard me, a movie! Ephram's Rescue! It was amazing!! If you haven't seen it family, you need to! Its inspiring! I always feel so grateful when I am reminded what the pioneer saints went through to get to Zion.. so inspiring. The gospel is TRUE!
On top of all this fun, after the movie, we walked out and christmas music was blasting, christmas lights everywhere. I was so giddy :) It was seriously the best thanksgiving ever, from start to finish. I love being here, I love being a missionary!!
Sorry my whole email was about thanksgiving! But it was just so great I had to share. It was seriously a spiritual feast. I gain a greater appreciation for this gospel every day that I'm here. I love you all and hope your holiday was awesome! Until next week! 
Sa lang ham ni da uraboon!! (haha it kills me to spell things out like this. Korean can not be put into english very well at all.)

Holmes Chamae
Temple walk on sunday :)

US WITH THE KOREAN ELDERS!!! Elder Kim, Park, and Lim. They are so cool...I'm kind of obsessed with Koreans

My branch president and his wife, President and Sister Yost!! I love them so much, they are the sweetest people I've ever met. So loving and caring for each missionary in the branch. Sister Yost made me wear her scarf on the way back because I didn't bring a coat...such a sweetheart haha

What happens when Gimely gets your camera (actually what happens when you've been in the MTC this long ahhhhaeofsjf;jio)

Twin Tuesday!! All the Korean sisters wore black and white...we are so cute huh :)

Me and Sis. Schillemat...I LOVE HER. She is like my Ally here, red hair and all!

haha this is a bad pic. But this was yesterday, we took a temple walk :) I love these girlies.


Hannah is pretty much famous now, because she was in the Deseret News. 
And here's the pictures!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 6

Annyeonhasaeyo ee-u-ra-bon (your-a-boon... means everyone haha)

Sooo basically I think I was born in the mtc... And any memories of life before here are just thoughts they inject into my brain at night... No, it's probably a chemical they put in the food! Yeah that's it. Oh the food... I don't know how much longer I can take it. Jeremiah 4:19-20 pretty much sums up how I feel about mtc food...
 But it is going by so dang fast it's crazy. Almost 3 weeks 'til I'm in Korea.. I can't believe it!! This past week was so weird.. I feel like I've been in this weird daze.. But it was a great week! Every day I don't think my brain has the capacity to learn anything else... and yet here I am, alive and learning. Learning Korean is such an adventure. Some days a love it and feel so pumped, like dang I could leave to Korea TODAY! And other days I feel like... I don't know a single word and I'm gonna die when I leave in less than a month. But when it comes down to it I really have learned so much its crazy. I am so grateful for the Lord's help, I would be no where without him! I just wish you could all be here with me to see the things I'm learning! It just can't be described over email.
Well, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Dad, I will be dreaming of your mashed potatoes.... I hope you all appreciate the food you will be eating even more, knowing that Hannah is eating MTC cafeteria food.. Fake potatoes, fake meat.. don't even know if the veggies are real... ); Haha but really, I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday. Know that I will be thinking of you here and thanking the Lord for the wonderful blessing you all are in my life! The other day Sister Telford and I were having a hard day. So we decided to say a prayer of gratitude together.. It was one of the best experiences that I've had here at the mtc. I realized how abundantly the Lord blesses me. Missionary life is hard, so I forget to see the good sometimes. But when you take a minute and thank the Lord for all the blessings in your life, your attitude and perspective totally changes! It's amazing. It was also a really good bonding experience between me and Sis. Telford. She really is such a great companion. Although we are different, we work well together and help each other's week spots! I love her. Also, our 'investigator' (who is really our teacher) got baptized this last sunday! She is so excited about the gospel and is so excited to be a new member. These role plays we do just make me so excited to Go to Korea and preach the gospel! I know I say this every week.. but really! Its all I have to look forward to right now haha! (which is how it should be.)
I found a new favorite scripture this week.. D&C 50:40-42. Its just one of those scriptures you read and feel so much comfort and love from our Savior Jesus Christ.
I am so sorry I don't have much to say this week (or any week cuz I'm so bad at emailing) ... It was kinda boring.. Other than just learning Korean and loving the gospel more each day... Nothing to report :)
I love it and I am so happy here!! Thank you all for all your love and prayers. Have a wonderful thanksgiving! I'll talk to you next week :)
Holmes Chamae

it was our teacher Sister Allen's birthday so we brought a hat. I look so good. Like a unicorn.

These are the Elders in my district.. They do this every day at least...like 5 times a day. haha

We all wore yellow sweaters! This is my favorite teacher Sister Baek. She's the best.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 5

Oh my gosh.

I've been at the mtc for a whole month now, I really can't fathom it! The weeks seriously just fly by here. One more month 'til I'm off to Korea, I can't believe it! I'm so excited!

Man this week was great.. Its always an amazing experience when you get to hear from an apostle of the Lord! Tuesday night's devotional address from L. Tom Perry was awesome. He has such a love for missionaries and missionary work. He talked about 5 very important points.. 1. companionship study is vital, when you study and grow together you will be able to teach with the spirit that much stronger.. 2. Teach from the scriptures! 3. Teach by the spirit. 4. Be a good listener. 5. Never leave a congregation without bearing your testimony... a congregation is one person. These points are simple but so important!  There's something about being in the same room as an apostle.. The spirit is phenomenal. I sang in the choir, Redeemer of Israel! Seriously singing in the choir is the highlight of my week every week.. Anyways my favorite part of Elder Perry's talk was the very end.. When he was testifying of Christ. One of the most powerful feelings is hearing a general authority bear their testimony! 

Also guess what? I'm singing in sacrament meeting this sunday.. Its finally happened. haha I'm singing in a quartet with Sis. Mortensen, Sis. Jacobsen, and Sis. Schilimat. We're singing Nearer my God to Thee.. 4 part harmony. Its beautiful. And another sister is playing the cello with us.. Yeah I decided not to hide my talents under a bushel anymore. Apologize to Alice Hicken for me will ya mom?

Hmm what else happened this week.. I hosted new missionaries on wednesday! I was that person ripping missionaries away from their families. Haha the girls I helped were super happy and didn't even cry or anything.. I was like.. What is wrong with you why aren't you bawling your eyes out like I was... Hahah remember that Sister missionary when we were pulling up? "Don't do it!!" Haha in the moment I though, why in the world would she say that to me?? Now I see the light... just kidding ;)

We got a new district of Korean missionaries in!! I'm not the baby in our branch any more haha! There are people who actually know less Korean than us! Its kind of a good feeling not going to lie haha... Is that selfish of me? They'll all pass me up in knowledge soon anyways, I can tell they're all really smart dang it. But this week was actually really good language-wise! I am starting to see my progress so much.. I am starting to see the gift of tongues working in little ways.. I see the Lord's tender mercies in my life every day!

I seriously love it here, and I'm growing to love it more every day. I love my branch. I love my district. I love my teachers.. I feel so close to everyone here and its starting to feel more like home! Its been a long time coming, but I feel truly happy here! Knowing that no matter how hard it is, I can make it through because the Lord is with me. I only have this short time to be a missionary so I need to get to work!!!

I love you all so much! I am SO grateful for all of the love and support I feel being here! Until next week! Annyeonghecaseyo! SA LANG HAM NI DA!

Holmes Chamae

ps. like.. what's my first name? I don't even remember

Friday, November 8, 2013

Week 4

Ahhhh my sweet family!!! Annyeonghasaeo :)

Its that time again.. email time.. pday! I seriously can't fathom how fast time is going by here.. I've been here over 3 weeks. I really feel like you guys just dropped me off yesterday. Its just the darndest thing ..

Wellll this week was killer. I've been feeling really sick and lots of things were just hard and emotional for me. But as hard as I was, I think I've finally come to the conclusion that.. the mission is really hard. And its not gonna get any easier. Its all about having a postivie and optomistic attitude! That is what makes everything managable. D&C 84:84 ".. let the morrow take thought for the things of itself". I've really been trying to live by this scripture, just taking everything one day at a time, step by step. So as hard as this week was, it was also an amazing week. Thats how pretty much every day is here if I'm being honest haha!

Sooo since I can never think of anything to say when I'm emailing.. I'm going to tell you my favorite and least favorite things about the mtc!

My favorite thing about the mtc is devotionals on sunday and tuesday nights. Seriously the spirit is incredible and I always feel so uplifted. Such a boost. Also.. This coming tuesday... L. Tom Perry is coming to speak!!!!! I'm elated. I can't wait! Also another thing that I love is going to bed every night and sleeping so good because I worked my tail off the whole day haha :) I was so worried that I would have sleep issues.. But nope I sleep like a rock! In fact this morning we all woke up late.. on pdays we wake up early for a service project but no one's alarm went off so we missed like half of it haha.. oops.My least favorite things.. Ahhh probably the food. The thing is, it tastes great most of the time! But it doesnt feel great. What it does to your stomach I would not wish upon another human soul haha

Yesterday I had an awesome experience. We had a lesson with one of our progressing investigators, Jang Chameneem (really my teacher Sis. Baek). She has been having a really hard time feeling clarity, she has been really confused about what she's been learning about the gospel. In our last lesson we challenged her to continue to pray and read the book of mormon and that if she did so with a sincere heart, she would get an answer! So yesterday we asked her how she felt and she said that she knew the book of mormon was true! We asked her to be baptized, and she said yes.. In that moment my whole body was filled with happiness, I can't explain it!  I think I felt a little bit of what it will feel like when I'm in Korea, teaching real investigators, helping to bring them unto Christ. It was the most amazing feeling :) So as tired, frustrated, heartbroken, or stressed as I may get at times.. I'll remember this moment and it will all be worth it.

This week I also realized how dang excited I am to go to Korea.. I love Koreans :) they are so sincere and gracious, I just love it. My teacher Sis. Baek is Korean, she is so amazing I love her with all my heart! I am so excited for this opportunity. Its gonna be incredible, I just know it.

I love you and miss you all so much, and pray for you every single day! Thank you for the letters, packages, and love you send my way. You have no idea how much it helps me!
Until next week! Sa lang ham nida :)

Holmes Chamae


ps. my district really gets a kick out of the fact that I can pretty much quote Nacho Libre word for word hhaha so whenever we're having a hard time in class I just yell "hey! get that corn out of my face" or something and it lightens the mood :) I knew my movie quoting skills would be a blessing in my life! I'm so awesome...

first snow of the year!!! On mom's birthday! : )

me and my dongbanja 

Me and my 2 besties...Sister Schillimat and Sister Jacobson. Pullin' out the Miranda faces

Last night with all the older girls who left to Korea. We are a riot.

This is the koochoo (soccer) crew. We go hard.
p.s. I made a goal this week...soooooo yeah I'm ready to go pro

Friday, November 1, 2013

Week 3


(Spelling out Korean is called 'romanizing' and our teacher doesn't like us to do it.. but I have to show off my awesome skills sooooo yeah)

I can't believe its already p-day again.. Seriously its crazy. Time is the weirdest thing here at the mtc. Every day is like a week long.. But every week is like an hour. I don't even know it doesn't make any sense. But anyways, I am SO happy
I get to email you all again so soon!

MAN it has been a crazy week. I can't believe I'm actually learning Korean. Korean is the hardest language for native english speakers to learn.. So I'm taking on a hefty task here. But luckily I have the Lord on my side :) As hard as it seems at times. This week was another emotional roller coaster for me, surprising I know.. Some moments I'm feeling so confident and happy, and others I'm down in the dumps.  One of the hardest things here at the mtc is teaching investigators. They're really our teachers, but it is so stressful to plan lessons with the limited amount of Korean I know.. But I guess that's just how its gonna be and I've gotta get used to it! It just pushes me to do my best and to learn more!

There is such an amazing spirit here at the mtc. Tuesdays are my favorite days ever because of devotionals. I feel the spirit so strong singing in the choir and the speakers are always so amazing! This week Elder Godoy of the seventy spoke. He's from brazil and he told his conversion story. It made me so excited to be a missionary. I can't wait to meet that one person. That one person who will change my life, and I will help change theirs. It doesn't really feel real yet! I can't fathom that I'll be in Korea in 7 weeks. I feel like I'm at this efy boot camp thing right now...

Also I think I'm just gonna be bloated for the next 7 weeks.. Its whatever. The food is starting to take its toll on me haha. Hopefully I get healthy again in Korea with all the fermented cabbage and raw fish and garlic! Also aparently the whole country of Korea just smells like garlic... yummaaay!

Philipians 4:13 "Through Christ I can do all things." That is my new motto. I have to tell myself this over and over again every day. I know that it is true! God wouldn't have called me to this mission if He didn't have faith that I could do it. I love this gospel so much!

I am really so sorry that I can never remember what I want to say in these emails ahhh! I'm making it a goal to write down spiritual/funny/random things I want to tell you so that I have an outline on pday. But alas I have to go now, my hour is almost up! I love you all so much. and I'm praying for you every night and day. Thank you all for the love and support!!!


Holmes Chamae

First pic as a missionary!!

Me and my Seoul sisters! All the girls going to Seoul. I love them all so much
(Sis. Haynie, Butterfield, Me, Shilimat, Jacobson)

Silly willies.

Me and my cute dong-bon-ja!! (companion)

My district! Family pic outside the temple :)

Roomies. So cute.

Halloween :) We loved our masks mom thank you!!!
(Mortensen, Brocious, Telford, ME)

Hahaha my comp. just sent me this...I fell asleep in class like this. This is what the MTC has done to me. This is what I've become. Look at me.

Last one for best hahaha. This is Parola Chamae. She's from the Philipines and she's hilarious. She dressed up like this for Halloween and went around to everyone's rooms scaring people. I love her.