Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 72

Dear family and friends and those reading this letter!

EXCITING EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!!  We might be having a baptism this week! Our investigator Lee Bom had her baptismal date set for next Saturday, the 21st but out ward mission leader asked us if it was possible for her to get baptized this week at our stake conference! We had an awesome member present lesson with her after church yesterday, and we finished teaching all of the commandments. She accepted it all really well... I've never met someone as prepared as her.. She understands the gospel so well and has such a desire to live her life according to the principles of the gospel we've taught her. She is amazing. We talked to her about having her baptism on the 15th and she has no problem with it. The only thing we're worried about now is the fact that she hasn't told her parents about it yet. She's not a high school student anymore, she graduated last year, so she doesn't need their permission to be baptized.. but she says she doesn't know how they'll take it so she doesn't want to tell them yet. We talked to her about it on the phone this morning and told her to think about it and pray about it a lot. Hopefully she tells them soon.. Pray for her to have the courage to tell her parents, and for them to accept it well, and for her to be baptized this sunday!!! Her name is Bom, which is korean for spring! SPRING IS HERE!! And also the weather really is warming up!!

As for other investigators. Kim So Yeon. Oh.. we love her so much.. and she is so frustrating. She knows its all true. But she's still holding back. We met with her several times with her this week, had a great member present lesson with her and our relief society president.. She knows its true. She says she knows she'll get baptized  within the year. There's not much we can do but pray that she decides that's sooner than later. Sister Yoon and I want to see her get baptized so bad..  But really whatever happens, even if we don't get to see it, it will be okay. We went hiking with her this morning. she is the sweetest nicest and most prepared person I've ever met. She will get baptized someday. Nam Sungwon has been really sick lately.. She started school and her rigorous new schedule has been hard for her to bear. she didn't come to church this week we were able to meet with her this week once.

We had an awesome zone training and mission leadership council this week!! It was so spiritual and amazing, as always. Our mission's focus this month is revelation through the Book of Mormon. Best focus ever. We did something special this zone training, we had some time at the end for a testimony meeting, and it was amazing. I felt my own personal testimony of the book of mormon strengthen as I listened to the personal testimonies of the missionaries if our zone. I hope all the missionaries in our zone felt the same special spirit I did. It was wonderful. One of the commitments President gave us at our MLC was to pray for guidance on how we can more effectively use the book of mormon in our mission.  Last night we had dinner at the bishop's house and we shared with them the mormon message of Elder Holland's testimony of the book of mormon (watch it right now. ), and our personal testimonies. The bishop loved it, and asked us if we would share it with all the members we visit. We also invited them to help us and pray for us to know how to apply the bom in our mission. They willingly accepted. I really hope we can unite our ward together and see some miracles.

The book of mormon is true.

Things are great here. I'm so happy. I'm so grateful. That's all I can really say!
I love you all and I'm so grateful for the love and prayers you all give on my behalf.

Sister Holmes
홈스 자매

Fun p-day pics! Bowling last p-day (yes I got a triple strike this week and I'm humble about it)

Sor bing su with Nam Sungwon! MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER. Shaved ice, cocoa powder, sweetened condensed milk. It will change ya.

Hiking this morning!

Our investigator thought we were freezing to death so she bundled us up before we could do anything about it.

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