Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 28

사랑하는 사람들.. My beloved people.. haha

Here's the big news that I know you've all been waiting for.. transfers... ANNNDDDD... I am staying in SINCHON!! With Sister Lee as my companion again! I am totally shocked. I thought for sure I would leave! There wasn't much change this transfer.. in fact everyone in my zone stayed the same. Crazy! I am happy to stay here! I didn't know that I'd be in my greenie area for so long, but it really is such a blessing! I love our ward, I love my companion, I love being a Sinchon chamae. I am content. :) Even though I'm not transferring to a new place it will be a great fresh start! Summer is basically here (not today, its raining like CRAZY).. it is getting so hot every day. And this is NOTHING. Its barely may. I don't know how I'll survive.. everyone says you basically just melt to death and eat your weight in popsicles every day. I'm okay with that. Pray for me to survive, and not to get too fat from the popsicles.

Well.. there isn't much to update on our investigators as of late.. We've been having a hard time getting in contact with all of our Chinese investigators.. They've all been a bit flakey lately dang it. Choi Un Kyo is doing super well. We taught her the restoration on Thursday. I had the opportunity to recite the first vision, and it was such a spiritual experience for me. :) If I don't know how to say anything else perfectly in Korean, at least I can recite the first vision haha. We extended the soft baptismal commitment to her, and she accepted!! Woohoo!! I love progressing investigators. (I love all of our investigators.. but the progressing ones may be highly favored. just kidding)  Update on Shin Song Hee... Ahhhhhhhhhhhh we're stuck with her. Totally stuck. Every lesson we plan for her is stressful. We don't know what direction to go. We thought we were so close to baptism with her, I was thought for sure she would've been baptized in April.. but it seems we're stuck. We're not moving backwards, but we're stuck. She still has such a closed mind about so many things. We've talked to her so much about the importance of baptism.. we've basically talked about everything under the sun with her. Yesterday we had a lesson with her after church. We talked about exercising faith and why it is important (we've had so many lessons like this before..). Lately she has been having a really hard time sleeping at night, so we wanted to give her an opportunity to exercise her faith and receive a priesthood blessing. We told her that if she had faith that God could help her sleep, He could give her help. I shared with her the experience I had my senior year of high school when I got super sick and depressed and I couldn't sleep. I told her about how receiving a priesthood blessing from my dad at that time helped me so much. She told us she would think about it and maybe get one next week. So we'll see what happens, its up to her now... Bah

On Friday we had a mission conference with Elder Whiting of the seventy. He is an area seventy here. It was probably one of the most spiritual days on my mission so far. I can't even express how much I learned and how strongly I felt the spirit. Ahh I loved it I wish I could just send you my notes. Everything that was said I felt was tailored to me. It was exactly what I needed to hear. The overall message for me was ATTITUDE. It is all about attitude. As a missionary, it is literally the only thing that you have control over. I can't control other people's agency, as much as I want to. I can only control how I am going to react. It just goes back to gratitude. I know I keep talking about gratitude haha, but I really need to focus on it. "Gratitude leads to desire, desire leads to obedience, obedience leads to increased faith, and increased faith leads to MIRACLES." That is the formula for sucess. Not just as a missionary, but in life. Having an attitude of gratitude is what makes all the difference. Its that simple. I LOVE it. Also saturday night we had a fireside with Sister Linda K. Burton!! She and Sister Oscarson came to Korea! She and her husband served as mission presidents in the Seoul West mission several years ago. She loves the Korean people so much so I feel such a connection to her. :) The focus of her talk was families, and how important it is to teach children when they're young about the importance of the gospel. I am so grateful to have grown up in a home where the gospel was taught to me from the time I was young. I love you mom and dad! (sniff sniff) Sorry for the cheese, I just had to say it. Anyways haha, goal for this transfer, FIND A FAMILY TO TEACH! I can't imagine what that would be like :) I love Asian children probably more than any other kind of children. Sorry kids.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Shout out to Haley, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON TUESDAY!!!!! I hope being 17 is everything you dreamed and more. I love you.



홈스 자매 

ps. I found out this week that Sister Lee is deathly afraid of stuffed animals. Yes, you heard me right, stuffed animals. So mom you know what to send me in my next package. 

Bowling last p-day! So fun!

this is the girl I get to spend 24/7 with. She eats tacos with scissors.
Yeah fun fact about Koreans, they eat food with scissors all the time haha

My two favorite sisters, Sister Jacobson and Sister Schillemat (at Sister Burton's fireside)

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