Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 26


Another week has past...2 more weeks left in this transfer! What happened?? This week I hit my 6 month mark.. I have no words. I can't believe it. Ah man time.. I will never understand you. Anyways, this week was.. great. Started out real slow with a few disappointments.. We had a few days where all of our appointments fell through, and one of our new investigators dropped us.. and we got yelled at by a few crazy people while jundoing, as usual.. but ended strong with GENERAL CONFERENCE. Words can't describe how much I loved general conference. It was so relaxing, refreshing and reviving. I needed it so much. 

Welp it was another dead week with Shin Song Hee.. We weren't able to meet with her at all.. she was too busy to even answer our calls or texts. She was planning on coming to conference but got sick.. Oh well. we just keep on trying! As for our other investies... we have a new lady named Choi Un Kyo. She is mainly english interest (what else is new..) but we'll see what happens! We had an awesome lesson with Po and Pyojin on Saturday night after conference. We were struggling with deciding what direction to go with these people who have no religious background or belief in God whatsoever.. so we decided to simply talk about God and His nature and role as our father. When we started out they were both pretty closed minded about accepting what we were saying. Po said that because our cultural differences, he has a different system in his mind, and he doesn't have the 'ability' to really believe in God. I understood where he was coming from, because it totally makes sense! I can't even imagine how crazy it all sounds to someone who has never heard it before. But in that moment, I decided that is when I needed to testify the most, that I knew that God lives and loves him personally. I felt the spirit sooo strongly. I can't even explain it. After that we talked about prayer how we can ask God through prayer if He is really there. Then we invited Po to pray right then and he accepted the invitation! His prayer went something like this "Dear Heavenly Father.. umm yes, its me. I would be pleasured if you would help me to know you and to understand this. Thank you very much." Pyojin was laughing the whole time. But I can't tell you how special of an experience it was! I was in awe at the faith of this man who has no religious background whatsoever, and he prayed for the first time in his life right then and there. We commited them both to pray at least one more time before we meet again this week, and they said that they would! We had a similar lesson with one of our other chinese investigators, Yunna, last night. She gave such a sweet simple prayer. Such a great experience. It was such a faith builder to me that no matter who you are or what your cultural or social circumstances are, the gospel is FOR YOU. 

Oh general conference... the greatest blessing in the world. I found answers I needed in almost every single talk that was given! I didn't even fall asleep!! Man it was wonderful. Some reoccurring themes I saw were repentance and missionary work. What does that tell us.. we need to all repent and be missionaries... Signs of the times!! Anyways, I could talk about it all day but I don't have time aaand I also forgot my conference notes dang it. so I'll just share my thoughts on my very favorite talk. President Uchtdorf's talk on gratitude. That one was made for me. I am normally a pretty happy person right? Well I have this terrible habit of being not so happy when things don't work out the way they were supposed to, or the way that I want them to.. and guess what, that happens almost every day in missionary work. His talk was a good reminder to me about how important it is for us to have grateful hearts and to be happy, despite our circumstances. If we express our gratitude to Heavenly Father always, we will be happier in our every day lives. We will feel God's love more abundantly for ourselves and for others, and we will look at things "through the eyes of faith." I love the way President Uchtdorf speaks. I feel like it is directly to me. It was exactly what I needed to hear to gain more power in my faith and drive to do missionary work. I really am so blessed. I have the opportunity to be a missionary right now. I don't want to waste one second of my time wishing for something else. I want to be grateful and happy despite the hard days, seeing things through eyes of faith :) 

I just realized I haven't really talked about how the Korean is coming for a while.. I guess I should let you all know that I'm fluent and understand everything now! The gift of tongues hit me! 
APRIL FOOLS. Since I totally spaced april fools this year.... I wanted to get one joke in.

Love you all! Happy Easter!! 

홈스 자매
Sister Holmes
So like I said we had a really bad day where all of our appointments canceled...but what I didn't tell you is that everything became better when I got this waffle on a stick.

Happy Birthday Buddah! Am I okay to say that? (these are hanging everywhere because next week is Buddah's birthday)

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