Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week 29

Dearest loved ones...

Oh what a week! First week of my 4th transfer, I can't believe it. Well to be honest it was a bit of a slow start.. so many of our appointments fell through and the weather was rainy and drab, but hey it passed, as always :) Anyways.. Happy Children's day! It is a national holiday today here in Korea.. children's day! We are celebrating kids! Yay!! there is no school and kids get presents. Its a great holiday if you ask me. Why don't we have it in America.. I mean come one we have mother's and father's day! speaking of mother's day ONE WEEK!!! I get to call home again in a week?? I swear it was just Christmas time! But at the same time, that feels like it was in another life haha! Anyways, sorry if this email is a little lame and short today, I am short on time!

Not too much to report about our investies this week.. we weren't able to meet with many of them.. we dropped one of our investigators, Yoon So Yon who tried to convert us to her church. She brought a lady from her church who attacked us hard for about an hour. That was an experience I'll never forget. I have never felt to persecuted in my life.. But my faith grew that day in a way that it never would've having not experienced it. All I was able to do in that situation was to bear my simple testimony of the Book of Mormon. In that moment I knew what I was saying was true more than ever. It was such an amazing experience.

I also had a really cool experience yesterday that helped me recognize my progress in learning Korean. We went with one of the bishopric members in our ward, Brother An Kyonchan (I don't know if I have talked about this man but he is literally an angel here on this earth, the most wonderful man I've ever met) and we visited an american family in our ward. He wanted me and Sister Lee to translate for him. I thought for sure I wouldn't be doing any of it, but I actually was able to translate what he was saying to them.. I AM learning! Sometimes I feel like I have hardly learned anything but this experience helped me see that I have come so far. I never thought I would! As Sister Lee would day "Good job me." (haha she says it all the time, I love it.)

Even though this week was slow with appointments, it was such a spiritual week. I got so much out of my personal study sessions every day. I am so grateful for personal devotional time every day. It has changed my life. Ah man I have no time. This email is so lame I'm so sorry. Just know that I am well, I am happy here in Sinchon, I love my companion, my ward, everything.

HAVE A 행복 주!! A happy week. :) Love you all!! TALK TO YOU ON MOTHER'S DAY FAMILY!!!!

홈스 자매
Sister Holmes

an Asian baby I wanted to kidnap. One of the many I see every day. LOOK AT THAT FACE.

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