Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 24


Well I think I have seasonal depression. I didn't realize how much happier I am when the weather is good haha! SPRING IS HERE!!! Cherry blossom trees are blossoming everywhere, it is seriously so beautiful, so asian, love it. I feel so blessed to be here! But everyone is telling me to brace myself for what's coming... Summer. Literally death here. like 99% humidity.. I don't know if I'll survive so if I don't, just remember me in this happy moment loving the spring weather..

This week was the best.. On top of the weather being beautiful, there were some wonderful things.. The biggest being that Shin Song Hee is sky rocketing in her progression. This week we went to lunch with her and a member from the english branch named Heather. She is an american lady who is a professor at Ehwa (the same university where Shin Song Hee works), so we thought it would be a good idea for them to meet eachother! And man, it was the best idea ever! They hit it off so well, they have really similar mindsets and majors. They were just chatting it up the whole lunch! Best friends already. After lunch we taught her a lesson about the plan of salvation, and why we have to go through trials in this life.. She has really been struggling understanding how God knows everything that is going to happen, but we still have hard times and trials. She doesn't understand the role of agency. Heather helped us explain it to her in a way that finally clicked.. It was a really deep weird way that I was kinda worried about at first.. but I realized it is actually what she needed! She is a very smart, very logical thinking kind of woman. She wanted a logical and scientific explanation. So she got one! Now it just takes exercising faith. We gave her the talk "I will not fail the nor forsake thee"  by Pres. Monson (my favorite conference talk of all time). Yesterday after church we had another lesson with her, and we asked her how she liked it. She loved it so much, she shared it with her parents! She says she's never been happier.. and she is seriously considering baptism (she said this all on her own without us even bringing up baptism...) and now she is... pretty much.. practically.. almost committed to baptism.. on April 20th!!!!!!! ALMOST. She hasn't solidified the 20th for sure, but she says around that time! She says she still has some questions about Joseph Smith.... But this is seriously a miracle. She has never been so willing before.. All of our prayers are finally kicking in! :) YAAAAY

We got 2 more investigators this week.. CHINESE investigators.. So right now we currently have 3 chinese speaking investigators. I can't believe it! Teaching them is such a crazy experience. We explain everything 2 or 3 times, very slowly, in English and in Korean. Its pretty mentally draining.. but it really makes me realize how simply we need to be teaching to people, especially those without any kind of religious back ground. Our two new investigators names are Yuna and Li-Chin-Zu. Yuna is 27 and Li-Chin-Zu is 19. They are students here learning Korean. They are mostly english interest right now.. which kinda stinks.. but they want to learn about our church and are open to things! So we'll see what happens! Some people have to go to far away lands to receive the gospel! I never would've though I'd be teaching chinese people in Korea haha! Our lesson with Yoo-ou-ee this week was so great. We read about the restoration from the simplified bom stories with her, and she loved it. She was so interested, and has such a sincere desire.. It was an awesome lesson!

Sometimes I struggle with feeling like I'm not a good missionary.. So this morning I decided to read preach my gospel chapter 1: my purpose as a missionary. I was reading the section, 'the sacredness of your calling' and I was thinking back about when I got set apart as a missionary, and what a special experience it was. I remembered some of the things that President Davis said, and now seeing some of those things being fulfilled! I never could've imagine this experience. I know that I am where I'm supposed to be right now. Despite the hard days when I feel like giving up because I'm homesick, tired, and can't understand anything that's being said to me... there really is no where else I'd rather be :) I am truly so grateful!
(remember to read this when I am dead from heat stroke in the summer)

Love you all and wish you a week happier than a smiling chubby asian baby's face!

Sister Holmes
홈스 자매

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