Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 5

Oh my gosh.

I've been at the mtc for a whole month now, I really can't fathom it! The weeks seriously just fly by here. One more month 'til I'm off to Korea, I can't believe it! I'm so excited!

Man this week was great.. Its always an amazing experience when you get to hear from an apostle of the Lord! Tuesday night's devotional address from L. Tom Perry was awesome. He has such a love for missionaries and missionary work. He talked about 5 very important points.. 1. companionship study is vital, when you study and grow together you will be able to teach with the spirit that much stronger.. 2. Teach from the scriptures! 3. Teach by the spirit. 4. Be a good listener. 5. Never leave a congregation without bearing your testimony... a congregation is one person. These points are simple but so important!  There's something about being in the same room as an apostle.. The spirit is phenomenal. I sang in the choir, Redeemer of Israel! Seriously singing in the choir is the highlight of my week every week.. Anyways my favorite part of Elder Perry's talk was the very end.. When he was testifying of Christ. One of the most powerful feelings is hearing a general authority bear their testimony! 

Also guess what? I'm singing in sacrament meeting this sunday.. Its finally happened. haha I'm singing in a quartet with Sis. Mortensen, Sis. Jacobsen, and Sis. Schilimat. We're singing Nearer my God to Thee.. 4 part harmony. Its beautiful. And another sister is playing the cello with us.. Yeah I decided not to hide my talents under a bushel anymore. Apologize to Alice Hicken for me will ya mom?

Hmm what else happened this week.. I hosted new missionaries on wednesday! I was that person ripping missionaries away from their families. Haha the girls I helped were super happy and didn't even cry or anything.. I was like.. What is wrong with you why aren't you bawling your eyes out like I was... Hahah remember that Sister missionary when we were pulling up? "Don't do it!!" Haha in the moment I though, why in the world would she say that to me?? Now I see the light... just kidding ;)

We got a new district of Korean missionaries in!! I'm not the baby in our branch any more haha! There are people who actually know less Korean than us! Its kind of a good feeling not going to lie haha... Is that selfish of me? They'll all pass me up in knowledge soon anyways, I can tell they're all really smart dang it. But this week was actually really good language-wise! I am starting to see my progress so much.. I am starting to see the gift of tongues working in little ways.. I see the Lord's tender mercies in my life every day!

I seriously love it here, and I'm growing to love it more every day. I love my branch. I love my district. I love my teachers.. I feel so close to everyone here and its starting to feel more like home! Its been a long time coming, but I feel truly happy here! Knowing that no matter how hard it is, I can make it through because the Lord is with me. I only have this short time to be a missionary so I need to get to work!!!

I love you all so much! I am SO grateful for all of the love and support I feel being here! Until next week! Annyeonghecaseyo! SA LANG HAM NI DA!

Holmes Chamae

ps. like.. what's my first name? I don't even remember

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  1. Your letter this week you really sounded happy! I am so glad that everything is coming together for you. Keep up the great work!