Friday, November 1, 2013

Week 3


(Spelling out Korean is called 'romanizing' and our teacher doesn't like us to do it.. but I have to show off my awesome skills sooooo yeah)

I can't believe its already p-day again.. Seriously its crazy. Time is the weirdest thing here at the mtc. Every day is like a week long.. But every week is like an hour. I don't even know it doesn't make any sense. But anyways, I am SO happy
I get to email you all again so soon!

MAN it has been a crazy week. I can't believe I'm actually learning Korean. Korean is the hardest language for native english speakers to learn.. So I'm taking on a hefty task here. But luckily I have the Lord on my side :) As hard as it seems at times. This week was another emotional roller coaster for me, surprising I know.. Some moments I'm feeling so confident and happy, and others I'm down in the dumps.  One of the hardest things here at the mtc is teaching investigators. They're really our teachers, but it is so stressful to plan lessons with the limited amount of Korean I know.. But I guess that's just how its gonna be and I've gotta get used to it! It just pushes me to do my best and to learn more!

There is such an amazing spirit here at the mtc. Tuesdays are my favorite days ever because of devotionals. I feel the spirit so strong singing in the choir and the speakers are always so amazing! This week Elder Godoy of the seventy spoke. He's from brazil and he told his conversion story. It made me so excited to be a missionary. I can't wait to meet that one person. That one person who will change my life, and I will help change theirs. It doesn't really feel real yet! I can't fathom that I'll be in Korea in 7 weeks. I feel like I'm at this efy boot camp thing right now...

Also I think I'm just gonna be bloated for the next 7 weeks.. Its whatever. The food is starting to take its toll on me haha. Hopefully I get healthy again in Korea with all the fermented cabbage and raw fish and garlic! Also aparently the whole country of Korea just smells like garlic... yummaaay!

Philipians 4:13 "Through Christ I can do all things." That is my new motto. I have to tell myself this over and over again every day. I know that it is true! God wouldn't have called me to this mission if He didn't have faith that I could do it. I love this gospel so much!

I am really so sorry that I can never remember what I want to say in these emails ahhh! I'm making it a goal to write down spiritual/funny/random things I want to tell you so that I have an outline on pday. But alas I have to go now, my hour is almost up! I love you all so much. and I'm praying for you every night and day. Thank you all for the love and support!!!


Holmes Chamae

First pic as a missionary!!

Me and my Seoul sisters! All the girls going to Seoul. I love them all so much
(Sis. Haynie, Butterfield, Me, Shilimat, Jacobson)

Silly willies.

Me and my cute dong-bon-ja!! (companion)

My district! Family pic outside the temple :)

Roomies. So cute.

Halloween :) We loved our masks mom thank you!!!
(Mortensen, Brocious, Telford, ME)

Hahaha my comp. just sent me this...I fell asleep in class like this. This is what the MTC has done to me. This is what I've become. Look at me.

Last one for best hahaha. This is Parola Chamae. She's from the Philipines and she's hilarious. She dressed up like this for Halloween and went around to everyone's rooms scaring people. I love her.

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  1. I have come to the conclusion that the reason I seem to cry or get emotional when reading your letters is that I feel your spirit. I know what your talking about with having one out and back and now having Elder Dennis Christensen out speaking a different language. Best of luck sweetie, we love ya!