Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 58

Dearest friends and fam!

I feel like I always start out my emails the exact same way, by saying something like, "wow its already monday again?" or "oh my goodness times is so fast!" And basically that is just the thought that comes to my mind every single week! Time is flying. My first transfer with Sister Stancliffe is already over! I can't believe how fast it was. I was talking about how fast it was with Sister Stancliffe and she said "well I guess that means we're working hard and having fun right?" She couldn't have said it better. I have learned a lot this past transfer training, and despite all the hard times, we really did have a lot of fun and work really hard. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve here in Taebaek with Sister Stancliffe for another transfer! I've been asked to be the new sister training leader out here... So I'm pretty humbled and excited for the opportunity to work with other missionaries more! I'll be conducting exchanges with other sisters, giving trainings at zone meetings and what not, and going into Seoul for missionary leadership council meetings. I'm stoked! When I got the transfer call, afterwards Sister Stancliffe said to me "Well I guess you gotta start being inspirational now or something" Well shoot. 

We had a crazy week last week, being in Seoul for 12 week follow-up was great. Its a meeting that all the new missionaries and trainers attend half way through their training. It was such a wonderful meeting. We watched a video that was made by return missionaries called "my mission was a success because.." It was basically just a slide show of pictures with RMs holding up signs that said why their mission was a success, I loved it. Some of them were as simple as "I smiled all the time". It was a reminder to me of the small miracles in my everyday life as a missionary that are making the biggest difference. I can't explain my love for the Savior and his gospel. That love is something that has grown naturally every day as I study about Him and testify of Him to others. Something that simple has made all the difference in becoming the missionary and the person that the Lord wants me to become. 

We had a cool miracle yesterday afternoon! We were knocking doors and a man opened the door and immediately said "no interest". We kept a smile on and went on to explain a little bit more about how our message strengthens families, and how we also teach free english. Then in very good english he said "Oh, that's interesting. Maybe I will call you about that sometime!" We were happy that his attitude changed! Anyways, about 15 minutes later we get a call from a random number and we answered it, it was that man we had just met! He wanted us to come back to his house to meet his wife and kids, and introduce ourselves a little bit more. So we went back and were able to have a great discussion with him. His family wasn't participating in our conversation but they were there. We talked a little more about our purpose as missionaries, and focused on the happiness that can come to families because of it. He said normally he wouldn't have invited 선교사 in, but he was impressed by our ability to speak korean, and wanted to know why we were so happy! It was awesome. He and his family don't have a religion, but he seemed very open to learning about our message. We are going to visit them again this week and hopefully be able to start teaching this family regularly!

Also I ate a fish eyeball last night at my branch presidents house. His wife made us fish head soup (a delicacy here in Korea). I couldn't bring myself to eat the head but I compromised and ate they eyeball. It kinda just tasted like a bean. So there you have it.

Sorry the email was kinda short this week! I love this work! I am so thankful for this time I have serving as a missionary here in Korea. Happy thanksgiving everyone!! Eat lots for me. I'll be eating fish eyeballs or something.

Sister Holmes
홈스 자매

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