Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 56

Dearest loved ones...

Wow. Winter is basically here in Taebaek!! No snow yet.. but we've got the winter coats out for the most part! I'M GONNA FREEZE TO DEATH. At least I'll die in the service of the Lord right? Just kidding. Kind of!

This past week a doozy. Recently we've lost a lot of our investigators. And this past week we weren't able to meet with the few that we do have. It was kind of a rough week. But it was a good week. I'm learning so much. Whenever I have these kind of weeks, even though they are hard in the moment, I can always look back and feel grateful that I had the opportunity to go through it, and become stronger because of it. I had a day last week where I was feeling pretty defeated. I just felt like everything we have worked so hard for the past 3 transfers I've been in Taebaek had come crashing down, that we were having to restart from the bottom. Sister Stancliffe could definitely tell I was having a hard day.. During our comp prayer after planning I kind of broke down into tears. Later that night when I went to bed I heard her sniffling and I asked her why she was crying... She said she didn't know why! I knew that I was the reason why she was crying haha. It was my fault. I was sad.. so naturally she was sad. I realized I need to be a better example to her.. I need to have hope and enthusiasm despite defeats, so she will do the same! Training is so fun, but also really hard. But I wouldn't trade the experience for the world. Its so much fun and I learn so much everyday about myself, my companion and how the Lord is helping us here in Taebaek. My prayers have become so much more meaningful lately as I pray for the spirit to guide us to those prepared people, and I have seen miracles come because of it. This week we started doing a miracle jar. At the end of each day we write down a miracle we saw that day and put it in our miracle jar. It has helped me recognize how much the spirit is guiding us, despite the success I may feel is lacking sometimes. 

Zone training was this week, and man it was so amazing. The focus goes right along with what I've been personally trying to focus on lately, the role of the spirit in conversion. Something that has made this week so great has been the commitments they gave us. They committed us to write down one way the spirit prompted us that day (and what we did), which kind of goes along with the miracle jar we started. Also they asked us to have 'family' scripture reading and prayer each night starting at 10:20. It has been so amazing to end each day on that same spiritual note that we start it with studies. I have loved it so much. 

We love service!!!! This week we had the opportunity to go do some farm work for an old woman who needed to clear her soy bean fields. It feels so good to be able to serve people like that! Even when they don't accept our message, if they see that our sincere desire is to just help them in anyway we can, I think that they will be more open to accepting the gospel! Afterwards I felt like an old woman too though.. shoot my back! I've turned into a grandma here! Missionary work has put some years on me haha! 

Miracle this week! We went to visit one of our less actives. She actually wasn't home but on our way to her house we met one of her friends who invited us to come to her hair shop and eat some fruit after we visited our less active. Well she wasn't home, so we just dropped cookies off at her door, and then we visited her friend! We ended up having a lesson with her! It was super awesome! She says she kind of isn't sure about wanting to meet us again, but we told her that we'd visit her and bring her cookies, and she said "well if you bring me cookies then for sure I'll meet with you!" haha.. We'll see what happens there! Another small miracle.. I was making some calls last night, going through our call records and I saw the name of a referal the elders had given us several months ago that had never answered our calls, so I guess we just kind of forgot about her. I felt like I needed to try to call her one more time. She answered the phone, was so nice and happy, has interest AND time. 2 things that don't usually go hand in hand here with these koreans! We set an appointment to meet this wednesday! I am so excited. Such a tender mercy!

I can't think of much else to say.. so I guess that's about it for my week. I love this gospel, I love the Lord.
And I love you all!

Sister Holmes
ํ™ˆ์Šค ์ž๋งค

Me and Sister Stancliffe after church! I'm playing the piano for our branch's primary program in about a month so that's me practicing the piano in the background there :) haha

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