Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 31

안녕하세요!! ^^

This past week was awesome! Temple day, lots of good food, really good lessons... and oh man the weather.. it was nice for a few days, but now its not so nice.. its getting so hot.. and this isn't even ANYTHING yet. I'm gonna die.

We met with our new little investigator 김태형 this last week. Because he is a minor we always have to have a member at the lesson, and last minute our member canceled so we were calling everybody in the ward to see if someone could come to our lesson. It was getting closer and closer to the time we were gonna meet and we couldn't find anyone to help! So we decided to go up to the temple to see if any of the temple missionaries were home and could help us. Luckily one of the temple sisters had their window open and we walked past at the right time! She came out immediately, so happy to help us. We taught 김태형 about the restoration, we read the story from the 몰몬경 이야기 with him. He was so attentive and asked lots of questions. I was so surprised. We then taught him about how to pray and he even got out his notebook to take notes. I was so impressed.. He seems so prepared! Even though he is so young. He even took a book of mormon before we offered it, and said that he wanted to read it. We have been worrying that maybe things won't work out because we haven't met his parents. But this week some of the Elders met his dad on the street and talked with him for a while. He has really good feelings towards our church, so that is why he is allowing his son to meet with us. He really likes missionaries! I don't know what will happen, we really want to try to start meeting with the whole family. :) Ahhh that would make me beyond happy. I wanna teach a family. The main reason is so I can kidnap the children. I love Korean children. So much.

We were finally able to meet with 신성희 자매님 this last saturday. We went to dinner with her and Heather Willoughby, the woman from the english branch that has been helping us with her. Heather is literally an answer to our prayers. She helps 신성희 see things in a new light. It helps so much to have a member with us who has felt and had the same questions that she is having.. We have been saying over and over again how important it is to exercise our faith, and it doesn't sink in, but when Heather said it, it finally did for her. I am so grateful for members. They are what will keep our converts strong, and help our investigators along the path to baptism. We still aren't sure how close she is to baptism. She still has so many objections and questions.. so we're trying to have a fresh mindset with her, and just try to bring her to Christ. We are focusing more on using the book of mormon to help her answer her questions. Hopefully she gets her answers. All we can do is keep doing right? Keep trying! Keep praying! She just needs time. And a little kick in the pants from Heavenly Father.

Yesterday was such a great Sunday. Not a single investigator came to church... But I had such a wonderful day. A japanese couple spoke in our ward, the Yoshimas. They are currently serving as temple missionaries, this is their 7th mission. They have truly devoted their lives to God I could feel the spirit so strongly when the spoke. They don't speak Korean at all (they had translators) Sister Yoshima hardly speaks english, but in such broken english, she told her conversion story. The whole time she repeated over and over, "I know that Heavenly Father loves me." She knows this because she has given everything she has to God. My heart was on fire as she was speaking. In his talk, Elder Yoshima said "If you want to be happy for an hour, go buy yourself and expensive meal. If you want to be happy for a day, go fishing if you are a man, or go shopping with your friends if you are a woman. If you want to be happy for a year, go buy yourself a new car. If you want to be happy for a lifetime, give service. Give service." If you want to be happy, serve others. How many times have I heard this in my life? Probably every week at church growing up. But as a missionary, its like every time I hear it I come to this new realization of how true it is. Its so easy to get caught up in things that don't matter. What really matters is serving our Heavenly Father. We serve Him when we serve His children. That is what really matters in life. That's the real deal. :) As a missionary, I am such an unprofitable servant. Right now I am giving my life to God, but I am gaining so much more than I am giving. 

Sooo apparently I sleep talk now... in Korean. I have no recollection of this at all, but a couple nights ago in the middle of the night I suddenly clapped my hands super loud and started speaking in Korean.. and then I said "wait.. I don't even know what I'm saying" hahaha Sister White is the only one that woke up and she says she doesn't remember what I said but she remembers that it actually made sense haha! Soo yeah. There's that. Why can't I make sense while I'm actually awake dang it?

Love you all and have a wonderful week! Remember, the key to a life time of happiness: SERVICE! :)

Sister Holmes
홈스 자매

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