Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 54

Dear fam, friends, loved ones..

The best thing about being a trainer is that it forces you to be positive, even when things are less than happy. I love it. There were some disappointing things this week.. but I am so happy!

Sister Stancliffe is so awesome! She has such a passion for learning korean and a love for the korean people. This week she had her first little 'break down' moment during our 12 week study while we were doing a teaching roleplay. When I asked her what was wrong she looked up with me with tear filled eyes and said "This is hard." In that moment I wanted to cry with her. I knew why she was crying. She wasn't crying because she felt sorry for herself because she couldn't say what she wanted to.. she was crying because of how badly she wants to be able to communicate her feelings and her testimony to these people, because of her love for them and for the gospel. I remember having those same feelings at the beginning of my mission especially, and even still throughout my whole mission.  All I could do in that moment was hug her and tell her how great she's doing, and also let her know that those feelings are natural, and that with time she will be able to say things naturally, and that she needn't worry. It was only a small moment of discouragement and she was right back in the game with a can do attitude and a smile on her face! Something I wish I would've done more of when I was a new missionary! She is such a wonderful example to me and serving with her so far has been the best thing ever. My daughter ;)

Well, this week we met a new investigator named Seo Uee Ryeong (holy cow translating these names into english is impossible haha), we'll be doing family english with her. We are excited. Rose, our investigator with a baptismal date isn't progressing very well.. and she doesn't seem to understand the significance and importance of baptism yet. She kind of sees it as a "i'll get baptized because I like the missionaries and it is fine for the time being" kind of a thing.. so we'll probably be delaying it. She doesn't have much desire yet. But we do know that she wants a better relationship with God. So we'll help her see how to do that.. through baptism! We just need to be able to meet with her more! As for our other investigators.. we'll be dropping a few this week. I'm not thinking about is as dropping, but as my mission president says, putting them back in God's hands for a little while. It is needed. That was made very clear to me yesterday during church. Its always hard, but I know it's what's right. Jeong Sung Kyong dropped us this week. She's been making excuses for a while, saying she's so busy with work, not feeling well, excuses to get out of meeting with us. I called her and talked to her about it on Saturday night and she was honest in saying she didn't want to meet anymore. She still loves us and she says someday she 'wants the faith that we have'.. but she doesn't want to right now. I was pretty heart broken. We've worked so hard with her and made so much progress.. but what can you do! Keep praying and hoping that someday she will be ready.  We're looking hard for new investigators right now! I love teaching Sister Stancliffe how to jundo. She's so good at talking to everyone and being sincere! I'm a proud momma, seriously.

A couple days ago we helped a 할머니 (harmony- a grandma) carry her groceries to her apartment. That's the first time a 할머니 has actually let us do that! They usually don't let us help, they're quite independent. I don't know why but as we were helping her my  heart felt extra happy. Even though we tried to start a gospel discussion and got shut down, I was still so happy. The fact that we got to carry her groceries was a privilege. Even if people don't want to accept or hear our message, at least they see that we really love them and have a desire to serve and help them above anything else. This morning I read Elder Bednar's talk from conference, "Come and See". Such a killer talk. I just want to hand out copies of it on the street to everyone we meet haha! It really emphasizes that the reason we share the gospel is because of our sincere desire to help others. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I want people to know how much it has changed and helped me!

Love you all! Everyone have a happy halloween! Me and Sister Stancliffe are thinking about being canadians.

Sister Holmes 홈스 자매
Literally this describes my companion! I love her so much!

Taebaek in the fall is quite lovely

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