Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 19


I think as missionaries we have to experience really hard weeks on our missions sometimes for no other reason than to help us be grateful for all of the good. Well this week was definitely one of those weeks for me.. and I can't really even explain why. Sometimes things are just really hard, and everything catches up to you. But there is nothing else to do except keep moving forward! It can only get better right? :) I hope. I'm going with that.

Well even though this week was a doozy for me.. I would be lying if I said there wasn't anything good.. In fact, I had one of the most wonderful experiences on my mission this week! On saturday, we were able to take Jong Da Yong to the temple to do baptisms for the dead :) Such a happy day.. She loved it. She has a new enthusiasm and desire to do family history now and it makes me so happy. Right before we went in the temple she told me about how excited she was to baptize her grandparents who suffered a hard life during the Korean war. It was such an eye opener to me about how important family history work is.. Temples are the most amazing blessing... We actually have God's power here on the earth to have eternal families. Wow. This gospel never ceases to amaze me.. and that is why I love being a missionary so much. As we teach others about the gospel, my knowledge and appreciation for it grows more than I can describe. So I just gotta remember this when I feel like giving up or when I feel like I'm not making a difference in anyone's life.. I am changing my own if no one elses! I am where the Lord needs me to be!

Yesterday after church during our lesson, Shin Song Hee asked me what was wrong.. She could tell that I had been having a hard day. I just told her that I had been feeling down on myself, and sometimes missionary work is really hard.. She said to me "I know. But you are amazing. You came here to Korea to help people. You have helped me more than you know. You are helping me be happy. I love you so much." It was one of the most tender mercies. Sometimes, especially this past week, I feel sad because I feel like I'm not making an influence or helping anybody.. I think this was the Lord's way of telling me that everything is gonna be okay. I am helping someone. I am needed here. I can do it. :)

Anways, this was kind of a short email.. I don't have much else to say except that I am so glad I am where I am right now, even when the weeks are hard. I love my companion, my area, my district. I am such a blessed missionary, really. I have every reason to be grateful. I am glad the Lord helped me see that this week :) I'm stayin' alive. (ah ah ah ah stayin alive, staying alive! I miss music dang it)

Much love,

Sister Holmes
홈스 자매

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