Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week 14

Herrrrro from Korea!!!

Man it was a killer week. It started off AWESOME with the temple. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to come to the temple once every transfer! I receive sooo much strength every time.. hopefully it fills me up until the next time I get to go haha :) After the temple, we all went iceskating for P-day. Best day ever. It was so much fun to take a break from the rigors of missionary work and feel like a normal person doing normal activities! I skated like a pro, obviously and only fell down once and may I say it was a graceful fall thank you very much. Anyways, so so so much fun. The missionaries in this mission are just a riot, I love being with everyone here haha.

정다영 (jong da young) gets baptized this Saturday, the 25th. Everything is set to go, she is so excited, we are so excited. Everything is perfect. I could not have been more blessed my first transfer. Words can't describe how grateful I am that I met her. She has changed my life probably more than the gospel is changing hers! Through her I am learning to see others the way Heavenly Father sees them. Some days are very hard, especially when you've been standing in the cold for hours and everyone you try to talk to gives you the cold shoulder. But then I think of her, and it helps me to remember that there are people waiting to hear the gospel. It isn't my job to decide who those people are, I have to find them. And in order to do that, I have to invite everyone! Even if they don't accept it. When I remember that, I LOVE jundoing. I love talking to people. Whenever I feel like I can't talk to one more person I think of jong da young (sorry if I keep spelling her name different haha). Who would've thought that a person I talked to on the street 3 weeks ago would be getting baptized this Saturday? I never would've believed it if you told me. That's missionary work for you. Miracles are real. Holy cow.

Here's another miracle.. Yesterday we set Kim Tae Hee's baptism date. She's getting baptized on Feb. 8th!!!! Sis. Lawrence technically leaves to go home the 6th, but her mom is coming to pic her up so they are going to come to the baptism. We are so excited. Hopefully everything falls into place with her, like it has with Jong da young. I can't describe how blessed I feel to be serving in Shinchon right now! I seriously love love LOVE being a missionary. I really do. Its killer. But its worth it.

Well, I don't have much else to say.. Things are really great. This past week was great, and we have another great one planned! We are meeting with a new potential investigator tonight, so wish us luck! My language skills.. hmmm.. slowly slowly improving haha. My listening skills are improving a lot. I can actually understand what is being said in lessons for the most part, so I know when to come in and say the bit that I've prepared haha. Its great.. I just want to be fluent dang it. I always thought of the gift of tongues being something that just hits you. Like one day all of the sudden I will wake up and be able to speak Korean fluently. But I've realized that it isn't gonna be like that haha. It comes slowly. This week I was looking through my journal and I found a sticky note that we all wrote on when I got my setting apart blessing, and something that was written on it is that I have to recieve the gift of tongues. As I've been out this short time, I'm realizing that that receiving comes slowly. I won't get it all at once. As much as I wish that would happen.. Well I guess you never know! I've seen some pretty amazing miracles already! Just you wait. next week you'll here the big news that I'm fluent!! Yes I can feel it.

Well, I'm about out of time now! I love this work! I love being here in Korea! I love the Lord. I am so so blessed.
Love you all, have a 훌량한 주(an amazing week)!

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